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Status Update
The long wait for iTunes approval of Crap Fic Theater continues. For real. At this rate, we should have a link ready for you by the beginning of November.

In other news: we are currently knee-deep in three projects. I thought I'd go ahead and update you on the status of each future audiobook:

Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami - 100% recorded, 40% edited
(No, we didn't expect this to be our next project either... but we found ourselves entranced by its undeniable aura of suck. Troll-fic or not, this is a real charmer.

Evangelion II: DELTA Invasion, chapter 2 - 100% recorded, 25% edited
(The more I read this, the more I fall in love with Tom Dyron's nuttiness. If anyone can get me in contact with the author for an interview, please let me know.)

Artemis's Lover - 75% recorded
(Considering the nature of this fanfic, I'm not sure if I should release a censored, an uncensored, or a partially bleeped out version of this fanfic. I haven't recorded the "hentai section" yet, and honestly don't know if I want to. There are some parts I already know I want to bleep out; at the same time, I don't want to compromise the integrity of our program. Then again, this fanfic is just too vile to come out unmolested (no pun intended). Maybe I should just dump it into a flaming garbage heap and forget I ever considered recording this monster.)

And, of course, everything will be posted here:

And that's it. New audiobook should be posted on Friday.


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